Footprints in Silver

Celebrate those special people in life by allowing us to create their actual footprint or fingerprint in gold or silver. Our dog tags, pendants and rings can be created in gold or silver depending upon your preference or budget. Initials, names and birthstones can be added if you wish. Stop by and work with our design team to create the special gift that the wearer will ALWAYS cherish. Don’t forget about nose prints for your favorite pet.


She Said “Yes”!!

We would like to give our Congratulations to another happy couple, and tell them thank you for allowing us to be apart of this wonderful occasion. Below is their picture and a little something they said about us.

“I would like to thank Purple Mountain Jewelry in Monument Colorado for their personal service and guidance in finding the perfect ring.  They really helped me make things perfect.” — Aaron

Congratulations Aaron and Deb!!


At Purple Mountain Jewelry we love that we have the opportunity to help with such special occasions. We really enjoy helping our clients start from the very beginning and picking the perfect stone, then finding the perfect setting for that stone.

Vintage Whimsey Rings

This week we received some New Vintage Whimsey Rings in stock we have a supplier on the east coast that we get them from. Here is some information about him.

The vintage pieces offered by Purple Mountain Jewelry are not cast in-house like most of our designs. The gemstones are faceted in-house and the pieces are assembled in-house. The castings are, however, created in Harrisonburg, Virginia, The vintage piece you have purchased originated from a private collection of exquisitely crafted hubs, blocks of steel with intricate designs hand-carved into the top surface dating back to the 1800s. There are Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco & Retro Art Designs periods represented in the collection. We wish to honor the collector, the collection itself, and the gifted craftspeople who came before us and are such an important part of our American heritage

A “Piece” of Colorado

We have created a one of a kind bracelet that embodies the essence of Colorado. It has a Colorado Lace Amethyst that came from The Last Chance Mine in Creede, this is Colorado’s only Amethyst mine. The stone is gently covered by an sterling silver aspen leaf to secure it into a Sterling Silver Cuff style bracelet. This one of a kind piece was handcrafted in our Monument Studio, if you can’t wait to get a piece of Colorado come on in and see us.